Squidgy Bod, loved by dogs, in the 1962 film "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me."

Love Me Love Me Love Me (A Moral Tale) is a rare early film from 1962, by Richard Williams - this is either his second or third film after The Little Island, the same year as A Lecture On Man.

The film is narrated by veteran UK comedy actor Kenneth Williams.

Our Story[edit | edit source]

There are two men, Squidgy Bod, who is unkempt and uncoordinated, but whom everyone loves; and Thermus Fortitude, who does everything right, but whom dogs, horses and kids hate. The only one who loves Thermus is his stuffed alligator named Charlie. Thermus follows a regimine guaranteed to make him loveable, and it works. Everybody loves him, except his stuffed alligator named Charlie. In a fit of pique, Thermus tosses Charlie out the window, where he lands on top of Squidgy. What's the moral of the story? Watch the film to find out ...

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